ADI BENJO is a womenswear label inspired by the aesthetic of contemporary minimalism, focusing on fit, fabric, functionality and color. 


Adi started designing and selling capsule collections from her apartment in Tel Aviv to a New York boutique on Madison Ave, while still in her second year of fashion design studies. During her studies, Adi traveled to fashion houses in Europe and Israel to enrich her knowledge and gain further experience.

we create clothing for the modern woman seeking comfort within elegance. A woman who wants the freedom to express her individuality within a framework of functionality. A woman inspired by purpose, intention, and consumer responsibility. A woman who appreciates the craft of hand-curated slow fashion across the supply chain.

The design model and method is deeply inspired by the elements of packaging design. Our collection transforms these functional design details into wearable pieces with urban chic and timeless form. A simple tab holding together two sides of a cardboard box metamorphosizes into a jacket closer. In this way, the human body becomes dynamic when it is"packed" in our carefully curated pieces.

The materials and textures in the collection are carefully chosen in alignment with this concept; sleek high-quality neoprene, crepe and nylon mimic the qualities of foldable and self-supported structures.